Born in 1982 in Tanyaung,Salin ,Magway.
He was interested in painting since he was young and drew actress paintings whenever he had free time.He attended the National University of Arts and Culture in ( ) and worked as Graphic designer and Web designer. 
In 2018, he got a chance to join M.A(Master of Arts) class.
He loves to draw pencil drawing and learned about oil,water color and Acrylic painting.The paintings of lecturers and seniors urged him to continue drawing and he has been mostly influenced by Paw Oo Thet and Khin One.
The lecturers of the university have sown the seeds of his painting and that experiences helped a lot in his journey.
He has participated in group exhibitions since 2002.He likes to learn Contemporary Art and ISM??.
He loves to draw on canvas most.
He is interested in installation art and has created since 2002.
Currently,he is studying the realistic painting and he prefers to creat the art work based in concept.
Music is his daily inspiration and 
he loves others who draw.


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